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Geneseo, NY Town Center with American Flags


Fighting for tomorrow, together 

As someone who grew up in the 133rd Assembly District and is now raising my family here, I know what an amazing area this is. I also know that there are many issues that we continue to face; from properly funding education, making sure everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare, ensuring access to mental health professionals, adequate access to broadband, and more.

I am running not only to help bring fresh ideas and perspectives to Albany, but to make sure that each issue impacting our area is being addressed. We need leaders who will remember they are public servants and not politicians.

I grew up in the Town of York, and moved to Caledonia when in high school. I remember riding my bike down Fowlerville Road to visit my grandparents house, getting our Christmas tree from local farms, and picking out pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch. All these traditions we are carrying on with our children, because this is a special district; in no small part because of the people that live here.

Headshot of Sara Spezzano, smiling and crossing her arms, wearing a navy blue top. In the background, a blurred image of a forrest
A family picture of Sara Spezzano, her husband, and her young daughter, smiling at a pumpkin patch
Sara Spezzano smiling with her grandfather
Sara Spezzano smiling with her husband and two kids, wearing matching campaign t-shirts
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